The Sixteenth Street Synagogue
Est. 1945


Rabbi Israel Wohlgelernter, Rabbi Emeritus
Rabbi Gavriel Z. Bellino, Interim Rabbi
3 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011
Tel: 212-255-4826 Fax: 212-206-3678

Rabbi Gavriel Z. Bellino, "
Interim Rabbi


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Cell: 917-626-4573
E-mail: Rabbi@SixteenthStreetSynagogue.org



Rabbi Israel Wohlgelernter, "
Rabbi Emeritus

For the past 45 years, Rabbi Israel Wohlgelernter has enlightened our minds and moved our hearts. Under his guidance, our synagogue has become a vital center, pulsating with Yiddishkeit and enriching the lives of those who come within its reach.

Rabbi Wohlgelernter has affected so many by virtue of a unique blend of personal traits. A descendant of a long line of Rabbis, (including the legendary "Seer of Lublin," a Chassidic Master). Rabbi Wohlgelernter has the ability to kindle sparks in our hearts, and to awaken in us the joy of Jewish life. His is a balanced approach, for in his teaching and handling of Halachic issues, he displays precise reasoning. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University, a student of the late Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, and a retired professor of Talmud and Jewish philosophy at Yeshiva University.

Additionally, Rabbi Wohlgelernter possesses a thorough understanding of the social issues and cultural currents of the modern world. This enables him to discern the real problems of our day and to address such problems from the perspective and wisdom of eternal Torah values. Similarly, this understanding allows him to present the teachings of Judaism in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and applicable to the daily lives of those he touches.

Under his leadership, the synagogue has grown from a fledgling minyan into an overflowing shul. He has attracted many people from diverse backgrounds and all age groups into the synagogue, and has offered them the hospitality of his heart and home. He has counseled, comforted, and helped us in times of need and he has danced with us in times of joy.

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